Jorel’s Blog is a small blog created on the 10th May 2018. It is based on my self-proclaimed philosophy:

“When it comes to any technological issue, chances are, there’s a blog post out there that has exactly what I’m looking for.” - Jorel Ali

In the past, I have managed to find a wealth of help and advice through other developers’ blog posts that address very specific topics that are otherwise poorly documented or hard to research. Examples of such blog posts that have helped me in the past include:

My primary aim with this blog is to return the favour and help developers by providing my feedback on past issues and how I’ve overcome them. In addition, my blog also includes:

  • Posts about various personal achievements
  • Post about current projects that I am developing; their progress; issues I’ve had to encounter; tough obstacles that I’ve had to overcome
  • My opinions on various topics, such as games or films